This site serves as an archive of the work I completed during my first year in the MFA Graphic Design program at California Institute of the Arts. Please scroll along >>>



Not afraid to wear an apron ... or work hard
Lecture poster for Casey Reas
Alternate print on make-ready
Book redesign of "DeBono's Thinking Course"
The book is made of individual course booklets
Edited Barthes essays, typeset classically
Visiting Artist Poster for Sean Duffy
Printed on garage sale record covers
Essay about the brief Gap logo redesign
Collaboration with Scott Massey
A gift to the Bay Area Book Expo
Site showing news created by other networks
PDF presentation of design influences
Redesign of the CalArts Design site
CalArts Summer Session Poster
Designed with fellow MFA David Karwan
Recursive book jacket
PPT karaoke video for "Common People"
An interview with Jon Sueda
A book juxtaposing two films
A rigid, frustating structure was used
Silkscreen on reclaimed museum board
Editorial Design: Endpages for RRR 02
Hand-made flyer influenced by Ed Fella
Redcat poster for screening of "Cointelpro 101"
End titles for Calvin Frederick's Bermuda
Design values mapped to studios and people
Set of pamphlets form a poster